Tuesday, June 22, 2010

S.O.S.A.D. at the Museum

Yesterday the entire museum came together to celebrate a very important holiday...SOSAD! More specifically, June 21st (also the first day of summer this year) is Strangely Orange Snack Appreciation Day!

Created by the mind behind Bent Objects when he realized his own affinity for snacks of distinctly orange hues, SOSAD seemed a perfect excuse to bring interns and staff together in the same room and to stuff our faces with delicious junk food!

The full spread.

Everyone really got in on the act - after receiving their official invitations last week, refreshments for the party started poring in! By 12:30p.m. on Monday (the appointed time for our celebration) we were awash in a sea of orange snacks. There was everything from Fanta orange soda and Sunny-D for beverages to circus peanuts and orange tic-tacs for candy (and the surprisingly delicious chick-o-sticks!). The sheer number of cheese puffs, cheese balls, cheese curls and cheese popcorn was nothing to sneer at either!
We even had 3 different orange-colored sherbets to choose from!

<---A side note: orange Fanta + orange-peach sherbet = a delicious fizzy punch!

We really dug in!

Our SOSAD celebration was a definite success - we're already planning for next year's party! After all, no one brought Tang, Hostess Orange Cupcakes or any orange jelly beans...or these crazy, Halloween specific snowballs...I may have to do some advance shopping in October!

Some possibilities for next year...

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