Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Lunch!

Here at the JMM we like to soak up the sun whenever we can...and since we work in a museum, this really just leaves lunch for some quality time out of doors in the sunshine. Luckily, once the weather warms up for the summer we have a lovely picnic table out in the parking lot. At least, we DID.....

Our custodian Darrel surveys the damage.

But what could have caused this disastrous sight?!? Our interns? After all, there are 8 of them, and the table DID collapse while they were sitting on it....

...but it turns out that it was termites (and most likely exposure to the weather over the last few years) that really did our table in. I prefer to blame the interns! ;)

A dramatic re-enactment of the intern-termites plan of attack,
lead by King Termite (aka our director Avi)

But happily, we had a few tables in reserve! So our outdoor lunches can continue and all us poor, basement-living collections folk won't suffer from even more vitamin D deficiency!

Senior Collections Manager and Official Intern Wrangler surveys her lunchtime kingdom.

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