Friday, June 4, 2010

JMM interns learn it all!

At a small or medium-sized museum you have to be ready to do just about everything. You might be trained in collections management, but sometimes the education department needs another tour guide for the 75 extra kids who showed up with the morning field trip. When a 700 piece mailing needs to go out everyone folds and stuffs. Our summer interns have each come to the JMM learn a specific aspect of museum work: collections management, archival management, exhibition development, museum education. But they’ve also come to learn what it’s really like to work in a museum. And that means doing a little bit of everything.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Jobi Zink introduced all of our interns to the museum’s collections database, then took them into the storage areas to see the actual objects and learn how to handle them properly. Below Rachel Ellis removes a textile box, and Rachael Gilman carefully moves a Torah Crown, while Julie and Jobi look on.

On Thursday the interns learned how to welcome and direct visitors to the JMM, and they will all be taking turns sitting at our front desk during the summer. On Friday morning the interns helped get out a membership mailing in record time – fold, stuff, seal, stamp, repeat.

Summer internships are just not complete without at least one mailing. (But hey, at least we gave them donuts. It is National Donut Day, after all!)

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