Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Secret Lives of Interns: Field Trip to the Smithsonians Part IV

Posing on the mall with their paper partners -
a selection of fantastical animals and personality mashups.

After we met with Shannon and Karen, the interns started on our “secret mission,” which included such tasks as taking a picture of our shadow in the National Sculpture Garden and visiting the Artful Animals exhibit in the Museum of African Art. Even though it was extremely hot outside, we ventured off to the sculpture garden.

We took pictures of our shadows “posing,” but it was more
fun just to watch the other interns as they tried to take pictures of their own shadow.

It was so hot, some of the interns had trouble resisting the giant fountain.

We had also been assigned a “paper pal” to walk around and take pictures with, and I had a lot of fun making my paper pal (the likeness of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors) look like he was eating everything.

His favorite treats were the Washington Monument and our newest intern, Melina.

Melina's paper partner continued the theme of eating everything in sight...

After our morning at the NMAH, we took our Paper Partners to lunch at Teaism.
Fabrizio felt refreshed after drinking some delicious bubble tea.

There were ducklings at the National Gallery sculpture garden!
They were delicious.

Fabrizio and Twoie couldn’t resist terrorizing this village in the NMNH.

Kristin's paper partner, President Raffi, is going House Hunting in Washington DC.

President Raffi wishes he was tall enough to go on the Carousel by himself.

This House is too flat…

This one is too archival…

He has a strange feeling he’s seen this one before…

But this castle may be just right!

Brittney's paper partner showcased another take on political/pop-culture mash-up identity.

Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Gaga joins fellow 2D friends at the Museum of Natural History

Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Gaga found her beloved pet sheep,
Franklin Delano Alejandro

Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Gaga takes a moment out of her busy schedule
to pose with the iconic United States Capital building

Lindsay took her mutating partner around DC...

Seth Brundle, from the movie The Fly, played by Jeff Goldblum,
gets tangled in one of the beautiful plants at the Sculpture Garden at the Hirshhorn.

Seth Brundle, in his fly stage from the movie, The Fly,
poses against a window with Washington DC in the background inside
Race to the End of the Earth at the National Museum of Natural History.

Rachael G.'s paper partner Squido...

Squido stops to smell the flowers. He likes flowers that are pink like him.

Squido learns about one of his relatives at the Natural History Museum

Squido thought the Ice Man was creepy.
Who would want to live in a place with ice?

At the Natural History Museum, I found a depiction of Oceanic currents, which are quite fascinating. I snapped Liam Lincoln in front of the currents for a funky background shot.

Liam Neeson cuts a fine figure as our nation's 16th President.

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