Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brews and Schmooze: Jews Rock!

On July 28 the JMM held an interactive program about the history of Jews and rock n' roll. Jews Rock! From Tin Pan Alley to Woodstock, presented by Rabbi Brian Leiken, was an interesting, engaging, entertaining, and (at times) hilarious program. From insight on the Jewish role in the music industry to his on Bar Mitzvah video, Rabbi Lei
ken had a rapt crowd of 70 people.

Below are a collection of photos and videos from his presentation. Nothing confirms that we're on the right track quite like 70 people eating, drinking, laughing, and singing together.

Inspired by the subject, we had a lot of fun decorating!

A delicious falafel, on rock n' roll table cloths, naturally.

Hallelujah with Rabbi Brian Leiken from Jewish Museum of Maryland on Vimeo.

On July 28 Rabbi Brian Leiken gave a multimedia interactive presentation at the Jewish Museum of Maryland. Part of the evening involved audience participation!

As a finale to our program Jews Rock! Rabbi Brian Leiken sang "Flowers are Red," a Harry Chapin song.

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