Thursday, August 12, 2010

Secret Lives of Interns: De-Installing the Nancy Patz exhibition

Installation photo by Will Kirk.

On August 1st, Nancy Patz: Her Inward Eye officially closed at the Jewish Museum of Maryland. While the doors to the exhibit gallery are closed to the public, behind them is a flurry of activity! Luckily, we had all those handy interns to help us out.

When de-installing an exhibition, every single piece needs to be condition reported. This means examining the piece closely and documenting any (and I mean ANY) changes that have occurred since the piece was delivered to the museum. Below you can see Jobi Zink, our senior collections manager giving instructions to our horde of interns.

Interns listed intently as Jobi reviews the care and feeding of each piece.

Interns hard at work scrutinizing each work of art.

Even the supervisors get down and dirty with the condition reports.

Intern Brittney sharpens her gallery-safe pencil
with the help of "pencil pup," while Intern Kristin compares
her artwork to its incoming condition report, noting any changes.

After condition reporting, each piece needs to be properly packaged.
Here, Intern Rachael fights with the packing tape.
Fully wrapped pieces rest against a temporary wall.

Once all the artwork is packaged, it's time to prep the gallery for the next show!

No time to waste! The art for the next show arrives on Tuesday!

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