Thursday, July 29, 2010

Secret Lives of Interns: Field Trip to the Smithsonians Part III

The National Museum of African Art
Photo via their facebook page. Check them out!

The National Museum of African Art is AMAZING! We love it's architecture, especially it's central fountain pool, clean lines and how most of the museum is tucked underground. As part of our interns' "secret mission," we asked them to check out the Artful Animals exhibition. While there we wanted them to draw an artful animal of there own! Sadly the exhibition closed this past Sunday, but you can still see much of it online at the link above.

Working hard on their own "artful animals"

Intern Julie decided not to draw her own,
but rather looked to real life for inspiration.

I LOVE Daffy Duck, and after having seen the cute, tiny ducklings snoozing in the Sculpture Gallery water fountain, I thought of one of my favorite Daffy moments, where he and Bugs Bunny find a treasure cave where Daffy greedily tries to steal everything. A magic Genie eventually shrinks him into a tiny version of himself (much like the Liliputian ducklings), where we see him attempting to abscond a pearl.

Pretty cute, huh?

A sneak preview...

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