Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Picture Post

I will wait to speak about the nature of The Void until I have a final (or at least more conclusive) report. However, since we spent significant amount of time in the archaeology pit yesterday, I wanted to go ahead and post pictures.

The crevice that leads into The Void.

Close-up of crevice. Notice that there is 4'+ of water in the bottom of The Void.

Curatorial Assistant Jennifer Vess in the archaeology pit.

Project Manager Lacy LeBlanc in the archaeology pit.

Ceiling and side of The Void.

Brick siding near the top of The Void.

The camera screen that allowed the archaeologists and plumbers to watch the feed from The Void in real time.

Lacy lowering the camera into The Void.

Watching the live feed from the camera.

The pump.

Archaeologist Esther Read widening the hole so that the pump could be lowered into the water.

The pump is in the water.

Almost empty!

The bottom of The Void.

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