Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cleaning the LSS

Last Friday, the LSS received a long-overdue cleaning - just in time to make its own fresh start for Rosh Hashanah. A team of volunteers, interns, and JMM staffers all pitched in to make the inside of the LSS as impressive as the outside. Earlier this year, Lacy LeBlanc worked with Matthew Mosca, historic paint and finishes expert, to determine the right cleaning plan to ensure the preservation of the historic finishes on the wood surfaces of the main sanctuary. After testing several different cleaning solutions* on the most sun-damaged pews, it was determined that a 2% solution of Murphy's Oil Soap and water was the proper choice for the LSS. Each pew was dry-wiped with a microfiber cloth, then lightly sprayed with the Murphy's Oil solution and wiped down by hand. The next steps in the cleaning process will be cleaning the pew cushions and mopping the floors - stay tuned for volunteer opportunities!

*Cleaning solutions tested are as follows:
1) 2% solution of Murphy's Oil Soap and distilled water
2) 2% solution of Simple Green and distilled water
3) 2% solution of Fantastik and distilled water
4) 2% solution of Vulpex and distilled water
5) 2% solution of Vulpex and mineral spirits

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