Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Day in the Life...

...of Rachel Kassman, photo archivist, development coordinator, building manager and IT liaison at the JMM.

9:00am: I've been at work for 20 minutes already, checking email, paying my electricity bill and beginning to scan photographs for the Meals on Wheels people. I'm also formatting and uploading blog posts from my colleagues!

10:00am: And I'm still scanning photographs for the Meals on Wheels folks. Of course, I've also fielded a phone call from Lenny's next door, about the leaking roof (the museum owns the building), updated Jobi on the security company's findings re: the Lloyd Street Synagogue alarm system (looks like a panel needs to be replaced) and answered questions about a past Trustee donation (turns out a year had been entered incorrectly in our database).

11:00am: Finally finished scanning those photos (I think!), but still need to double check the order form, burn the cd, package and mail it off! You wouldn't think scanning 18 photos would take so long, but with all the other little things that pop up, even small jobs sometimes take forever. Now I need to read a lease (*shudder* nothing like legalese to put you in a good mood)!

The roof in question.

12:00pm: Met with Karen and Jennifer to discuss a small companion exhibition to Chosen Food, focusing on Maryland-based Jewish food businesses. This meeting, of course, expanded to include discussion of the next issue of Generations, the possibility of a "theme year" for the Museum and how to bring collections and programming closer together!

Looking very serious and professional in the library!

1:00pm: Lunch! Then I got those scans mailed out (thank goodness). Then I had to run home to clean my kitchen and show my house! (I'm currently in the oh-so-fun process of finding another roommate).

2:00pm: Showing my house! Fingers crossed everyone.

3:00pm: Back at work! Got some bad news about our proposed exhibition website design. Not sure what's going to happen yet...might be back to the drawing board. Again.

4:00pm: I'm not really sure where the last hour went. I made myself some hot chocolate, poked around in the collections database for a photo of Sadie and Emil Crockin and touched base with a few people around the office. Huh. 4 o'clock already!

5:00pm: Can't stay late today, I've got two more people coming to see the house! But I've spent part of the last hour putting together this blog post! Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the glamorous life of me!

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