Thursday, April 22, 2010

Popovers, Pie, and Mean Green Cheese!

Popovers, pie and mean green cheese are just a few of the "splendiferous" food that Nancy Patz has written about -- and illustrated-- in her children's books.

And they were just a few of the items that Karen and I got to sample at a tea party hosted by Goucher College honoring Nancy on Tuesday afternoon.

Nancy shared some secrets from her Goucher days, praised the JMM, and encouraged everyone to see her exhibition.

The Special Collections at Goucher are home to many of Nancy's drawings, sketches, and books. Goucher lent many of the drawings from Who Was the Woman Who Wore the Hat to the JMM for our exhibition Nancy Patz: Her Inward Eye.

Karen and I enjoyed her drawings for children's books.

"Wintern" Abby Lyon's mom attended the event and told us how much Abby enjoyed working with us this January. (We got to see Abby later.)

That's Abby's mom in the middle.

After tea and scones, and popovers with strawberry butter (YUM!), Nancy spoke about her creative writing process to an English class.

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