Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Upstairs of Lloyd Street Synagogue has Re-Opened!

Lloyd Street Synagogue is once again open for tours at 1 and 2:30pm on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays - as well as for private groups Sunday - Friday starting at 9:30am. The downstairs of the synagogue will not reopen until the spring when our new exhibition, The Synagogue Speaks, opens.

B'nai Israel Synagogue and our two exhibition galleries, Voices of Lombard Street: A Century of Change in East Baltimore and Drawing on Tradition: The Book of Esther, are also available to view.

The JMM is once again full price, which is free for members, $8 for adults, $4 for students, and $3 for children ages 12 and under.


Claire said...

I'd love to see pics of the sanctuary!

Lauren said...

The upstairs interior has remained primarily the same - the renovations were for adding a new fire suppressant system and updated HVAC system. I'll still be glad to post some photos of the interior soon. Thank you for the suggestion!