Friday, August 14, 2009

A tale from the vault...

"It was 4:30pm. I was the only person left in the ed dept. and decided to use the restroom. I walked out of the office and upon seeing that the gate by the bathrooms was already pulled down and locked, I proceeded to walk through the library and around. That worked fine - until I tried to go back the way I had come and found that the double doors were locked. I was now stuck. After banging on the double doors for a moment I tried the “Exit” door and found it unlocked so I stuck a hanger in the doorjamb and exited the building. That placed me in the alley between the museum and B’nai Israel, where I quickly found that both those gates leading to the street were also locked! I hopped the wall (more appropriately, the window alcove in the brick wall) and knew that the front gate was hopeless, so I proceeded to the front of the museum where I rang the doorbell about 3 times before Esther came and found me. In addition to being bewildered as to how I came to be in a totally locked area, Esther still had to find the keys before she could get even the first set of doors open to let me back in. When she finally got to me the first thing she said (through her laughter) was, “Would you please tell me how you got out here?” to which I reiterated the story and we both had a good ol’ laugh."

Phew! Glad she made it out of that one! Go go Action Intern!

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