Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Enter…the Goat. Roy the Goat to be exact.

Team Liechtenstein’s training is in full swing! We hit the pool running…well, swimming, the first week of June. A kindly Fluid Movement board member offered us practice space in his pool (as the city pools weren’t quite open yet) so that Team Liechtenstein could get a jump on all the other Flurry Folk. We intend to be the best! (That’s my inner Olympic Skier talking – going for gold baby!)

Shining Shannon puts us through our paces.

Keep those heads and arms above the water!

Working on our lines. Don’t worry;

we’ll be straight as an arrow by show time!

More drills – great star Jessica!

And introducing…ROY THE GOAT!

He’s a little underdressed but Jobi’s no less happy to see him!

Don’t forget to pick up your tickets and come meet Roy (and the rest of Team Liechtenstein)!



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