Thursday, June 11, 2009

The JMM Summer Interns: The First Week!

Last week saw a literal invasion of interns to the JMM! This summer we are hosting an even dozen eager young workers (and learners, of course!), from Maryland natives to as far away as Indiana and Florida, in every department, even Development (a first for us). Orientation began on Monday and included introductions, facility tours, emergency management information and more. The day didn’t even end at 5, as the Museum’s Annual Meeting was that evening and we asked our interns to attend. A long day indeed!

Interns applaud Eric Goldman at the

2009 Annual Meeting. Photo by Will Kirk.

Wednesday and Thursday we threw our interns straight to work, moving historic benches up 2 levels (an engineering feat), tagging, cleaning and moving collections objects and creating condition reports – all to prepare for the next phase in the Lloyd Street Synagogue renovation project. This proved to be the high point of the week for some of our collections interns!

Moving Historic Benches up the stairs of Lloyd Street Synagogue!

Photo by Shelby Silvernell

I enjoyed being in the basement labeling and recording the items we retrieved from the Synagogue. I've done this with manuscript scores at the Library of Congress but never with objects. – Kim

The fragility of the benches was different to see because I had never seen benches, just benches even, handled with that much care. I felt like I was actually doing something of importance, gave me insight into what my career may be like someday - how much detail and precision is necessary for what I want to be when I grow up. - Sean

With cleaning out the LSS, I felt like I was truly doing something substantial to help with its restoration. I love cleaning, so it was very gratifying for me to move some of the things in the synagogue over to the museum, clean them up a bit and learn how to store them properly. – Alison

Volunteers and friends dig in at the Volunteer Appreciation Brunch!

Photo by Shelby Silvernell

Friday we dialed things back down a little, hosting the annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch, where our interns got to hear about all the wonderful work our volunteers do here at the Museum. Everyone was also treated to a fabulous performance of the Leo V. Berger Immigrant’s Trunk Show, about the life of Ida Rehr.

Katherine Lyons delighted the audience with her performance of Ida’s life in America.

Photos by Shelby Silvernell

In the afternoon Collections interns went on the Heritage Walk Tour, ( making it through the Inner Harbor, Little Italy and Historic Jonestown before the rain got the best of us. Our guide was kind enough to take us into 9 N. Front Street, the home of Thorowgood Smithfor a chance to sit down and hear a little more in-depth explanation of this historic site.

Enjoying a little history in the Rain!

Photo by Shelby Silvernell

The first week at the Jewish Museum was very exciting and very busy I am quickly learning about the different aspects related to development and am beginning to develop a corresponding set of skills. I have really enjoyed the feeling that I will be making a difference in the daily activities at the Jewish Museum. – Ilana (development intern)

The best part of my first week at the JMM was listening to Holocaust survivor, Martha Weiman, share her story on how she and her family survived the Holocaust. Martha helped me realize that I had more in common with the Jewish immigrant than I originally thought. – Giselle (education intern)

We learned about the history of the Synagogue, and the importance it had and still has on the community. We were taught how to inventory objects, and shown the proper techniques in which to handle them. It was a great week and can not wait to learn more. - Berkley

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